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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Regional Conference in Dallas, TX

Dallas - December 13-14, 2008.

It's funny - I was so excited the first day, I forgot my camera. I was dismayed when I found out. Of course, parking was so difficult that there was no returning to our host's home to collect it. So all the wonderful workshops, addresses by amazing people like Kenneth Bowers of the NSA who was our MC that first day (and spoke in Farsi at some point to a Persian family who declared there!) and the Regional Council representative, the youth presentations, workshops, evening's activities, devotional readings and musicians, artists, etc, I didn't capture a single one!! But I have them in my heart. And also, if you visit this website and scroll down to select the Dallas conference link, you'll get a glimpse of some of the good things I could have captured that first day with my camera. It was all simply incredible. The spirit there was tangible and moving.

The second day continued on a more practical note. We split into our various clusters and had consultations. The A cluster friends were encouraged to join the C cluster friends and see what service they could render them. These friends could even consider pioneering to these C clusters to help the friends there launch teaching campaigns.

Then towards the end, about 3 hours to the end of the conference, the friends in Arkansas, and I think some from parts of Oklahoma too, were advised to leave early because there was a snow storm alert. Imagine our chagrin when we returned to nothing but rain. I hear the end was marvelous. But I am glad that we, at least, got a chance to attend most of the conference, meet so many loving people and old faces, celebrate our victories, revive that fire to serve the Cause the most we could...and so on. Aaron had to stand up to his employer just to get those days off and it was well worth it.
It was wonderful to see Mrs. Lincoln whom I have served at the International Teaching Center in Haifa. And also to meet one of the newer ITC members, Miss Baatar. These ITC members shared with us inspiring stories from the other conferences that had already held, for example, how despite the war in Congo, the friends had trekked long distances, bravely and happily stood up to army blockades to make it to the site of the conference. Miss Baater went through the elements of the institute process clearly and with examples. Mrs. Lincoln conveyed to us the vision the House had for us. It was all very, very inspiring.

The message: we're advancing fast and our achievments have been many, but there is so much more to do and the time is now. The multitudes are ready. Each one of us has a role to play!

Filing out of the main hall to our workshop rooms Miss Erica Toussaint is first in the row, you can see Mrs. Lincoln and Miss Baatar to her left, and a counsellor to her right, whose name has just slipped my mind. That's bad because he, so beautifully, coordinated our first workshop. It will come to me later...Mr. Kenneth E. Bowers, secretary of the NSA. I borrowed this picture and a couple of others from the Baha'i news websiteMr. Gene Andrews addresses the friendsThese friends are from my community in NW Arkansas - Amina and Sherri.
Some of our performers
With Miss Toussaint, Mrs. Lincoln, Aaron, and Miss Baatar

Trying to get a clear picture with the dim lights
Aaron and I were so happy to be there. Aaron was so popular with his African look!
With my former coordinator. Ginger Wich, when I served at the International Teaching Center. It was great to see her, I tell you!
With some of the Dallas friends. With Mrs. Lincoln

With Quddus Nasseri, a most active and wonderful Baha'i. We also served at the ITC together. He's now in Houston, TX.
With Aaron's friends when he previously lived in Dallas, TX.

I also borrowed this one from the website. Mrs. Lincoln led the friends in this song, she wrote herself: Would You Give Your Heart to Baha'u'llah. This was at the end when we had left for Arkansas.



  • At 12:25 PM , Anonymous Harlan Lang said...

    Hi Jacky,
    Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful pictures from the Dallas Conference. Is one of the ladies pictured from your community from the Marshall Islands? My wife and I pioneered in the Marshalls for 4 years and so it is always a thrill to see the Marshallese Baha'is. I'm also originally from Arkansas a long time ago.

    With warmest Baha'i love,
    Harlan Lang (harlanl@netptc.net)

  • At 1:06 PM , Blogger Jay-Ash said...

    Hello Harlan,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, Amina is a Baha'i from the Marshall Islands. Hope we'll see you when next you come to Arkansas! The Marshallese friends will surely be happy to see someone who pioneered to their island.


  • At 5:12 AM , Blogger martha said...

    Hi Jackie! I stumbled across your blog from Baha'i Views, what a treat! I'm counting down to our conference in Sydney, Oz. You just keep getting more gorgeous all the time girl!! Much love to you both from this end!

  • At 10:39 AM , Blogger Jay-Ash said...

    Hey Martha joon,

    I thought all the regional conferences had taken place by now. Ah, they are a memorable event to attend, so I have no doubt you'll enjoy yours.

    Thanks for the compliment. But looks who's talking. You look younger and prettier as your gorgeous kids get older. Must be all that tropical fruit you eat. Gosh, I miss that, from Cameroon, you know. I can count the number of times I've eaten fresh mangoes or pineapple since I came to the States.

    Take care, dear, and keep in touch.

  • At 11:52 AM , Blogger ~Frooghi's~ said...

    Jay dear, i agree with your comment to Martha - she is seriously aging backwards ... :) :)

    And girl, you and Aaron seriously represented at this conference!!! See me Mr. and Mrs. in their matching outfit! Very very spectacular!

  • At 11:58 AM , Blogger Jay-Ash said...

    Sahar joon,
    Try and tell our dear Martha for me oh!:)

    About the sap for that conference. Ma sister, tory long time short! That first day oh, everyone wanted to take pics of Aaron in his agwada and "country cap". You know how it used to be at the BWC nah, when one wore and africtude! Some were even elbowing me aside just to get a picture of Aaron. Chai! See me oh; wey na me pack e sap oh! So, I said eh, the second day, people have to know the relationship entre nous, once and for all. So there we were in matching outfits. Let there be no more mistakes!!:)


  • At 1:19 PM , Blogger ~Frooghi's~ said...

    I trust for that one dear ... and you did not disappoint!

    :) :)


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